Prove your age. Protect your identity.

Feel confident at checkout with TruAge®, the most secure way to verify age.


Quickly scan & go

After a cashier scans your driver’s license, TruAge instantly confirms you’re good to go. No more waiting on manual entry.

Protect your data

TruAge only looks at the data points that verify your legal age, unlike other platforms that may capture your personal information.

Keep it private

TruAge never stores or shares personal details. An encrypted ID token ensures that purchases can’t be tracked or tied to your name.

Safer, smarter, and faster age verification

A solution to underage access

TruAge helps retailers catch fake IDs and shut down sales to minors.

Why TruAge

A more secure digital ID

In 2024, you’ll be able to verify your age using just the TruAge app.

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Prove your age. Protect your identity.

A faster, safer way to prove your age while keeping your personal information secure.

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