Take the guesswork out of age verification

TruAge® makes it easy to accurately verify age while protecting consumers’ privacy.


How it works


TruAge will prompt the cashier to verify age when an age-restricted product is scanned.

Ask for
proof of age

Scan the customer’s driver’s license or their QR code in the TruAge app. No need to manually enter DOB.


TruAge verifies the customer’s age and indicates whether or not the purchase can be completed.

Complete the transaction

All that’s left is to accept payment, close the sale, and get ready to greet the next customer.

A solution for everyone

Your customers

  • Enjoy quick & easy checkouts
  • Keep personal information private
  • Help reduce underage access in your local community

Your employees

  • No need to learn a new POS system–TruAge is already built in
  • Eliminates manual entry and mental math
  • Protects against the risk of selling to minors
  • Enables faster, frictionless transactions

Your business

  • Responsibly sell age-restricted products to legal customers
  • Reduce liability and the risk of human error
  • Stay one step ahead of changing legal and manufacturer requirements