One digital
age-verification system for all points of sale

TruAge® makes ID checks fast, reliable, and secure for businesses and customers alike.


Universal Technology

Built for retailers, POS providers and consumer goods companies

Simplified Process

Eliminates the need for manual age calculations and risk of human error

Responsible Sales

Limits youth access to age-restricted products at the storefront and beyond

Regulatory Compliance

One step ahead of changing legal and manufacturer requirements

For retailers

TruAge helps make ID checks more accurate, efficient, and secure at all points of sale, reducing liability and risk and protecting customers’ privacy.

For POS providers

TruAge technology easily integrates within your existing platform to enhance age verification and protect user data in a full range of environments.

For partners

Joining TruAge shows your support for a nationwide solution to keep age-restricted products out of underage hands.

Tech for good

Developed by NACS and Conexxus, TruAge enhances the age-verification process while protecting user privacy.

About TruAge
Quickly scan & go
Quickly scan & go

Smarter ID checks

With a simple driver’s license scan, the TruAge system verifies a purchaser’s age—not identity— in seconds.

How it works

Who’s on board

TruAge is backed by a growing network of retailers, manufacturers, and POS vendors that are committed to keep age-restricted products out of underage hands.

Become a partner or sponsor

Whatever your role, join our national effort to make age-restricted purchases more reliable, secure, and convenient.

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