Age verification the way it should be

TruAge® makes purchasing age-restricted products easier and safer than ever.


Why now?

Traditional carding isn't good enough

Manual ID checks leave room for error and don’t reliably prevent sales to minors.

Digital scanning raises privacy concerns

More stores are now scanning driver’s licenses and potentially exposing your personal information.

People want a universal solution

79% of Americans support a nationwide technology standard for age verification

NACS Consumer Age-Verification Study, 2022

TruAge makes verifying age faster and more secure

Typical driver’s license scans can expose up to 33+ pieces of your personal information.

TruAge only looks at four: driver’s license number, issuing state, expiration date, and birthdate.

With these four data points, TruAge creates an encrypted, single-use token to ensure that you stay anonymous.

What this means

Checkouts are quick and easy

TruAge only takes a fraction of a second to verify your age, instead of having to wait for the cashier to manually inspect your ID and type in your information.

Quickly scan & go
Quickly scan & go

Your personal information is safe

TruAge doesn’t verify who you are—just that you’re old enough to buy a specific product. We only need the data points that tell us you’re of legal age to complete your purchase. Everything else stays private.

Communities can reduce underage access

TruAge gives stores a smarter, more accurate way to detect fake IDs and restrict youth access to alcohol, tobacco, and other age-restricted products.

Quickly scan & go

Frequently Asked Questions

TruAge is a revolutionary new digital age-verification tool that helps you to securely show proof of age when purchasing age-restricted products. It’s our mission to unlock a better experience at checkout by protecting your privacy, securing your personal information, and making the carding process faster and easier.

At checkout, TruAge confirms you’re old enough to make a purchase without revealing your personal information. Unlike other ID scanning systems, TruAge extracts only four out of 33+ available data points from your driver’s license to verify your age:your driver’s license number, issuing state, expiration date, and date of birth. Then, TruAge encrypts those four data points and creates anonymous digital tokens that verify you are old enough to purchase an age-restricted product.

TruAge operates in two ways:

  • You can hand your physical ID to the cashier at checkout and they’ll scan the barcode on the back using the TruAge system. Because the cashier doesn’t need to manually enter your information and because TruAge privatizes and protects your data, this process is more secure than a traditional ID check.
  • Alternatively, you can use the TruAge app to scan a unique QR code directly from your phone. When a cashier scans your QR code from your phone in the TruAge app, they’ll only see your photo and a confirmation that you’re of legal age to complete your purchase—not your name, address, date of birth, or any other personally identifiable information.

TruAge verifies only the information it needs—your driver’s license number, issuing state, expiration date, and date of birth—to ensure you’re old enough to make an age-restricted purchase. TruAge never extracts any additional data from your driver’s license or ID and never shares any personally identifiable information with any other parties.